Bella Morgane is a model and actress. She looks like a living doll, and she has a real passion for acting, and she loves being in front of the camera. She also enjoys other creative activities, especially life drawing.

Bella Morgane is a French transgender woman, and she has always had great aspirations. With an educational background in visual arts, fashion design and photography, she moved to London where she ventured through various facets of the fashion industry.

Since her childhood Bella Morgane felt that she was made to be a beautiful woman. She was able to fulfil her dream after transitioning to a young woman with blonde hair, brown eyes, and a model’s figure.

In the beginning she never dared to declare that she was a transsexual. Despite a large number of opportunities with major brands who wanted her to represent them, and despite being solicited by modelling agencies, she always refused because for society as a whole the voice of a transsexual was different from that of a woman.

Today, this young woman sees the evolved world differently, and she has decided to embark into the world of fashion photography, and even as an actress, with great pride in who she is, and in what she represents.